Zeta IT Division

Zeta IT Services was founded, keeping in mind the dynamic needs of today’s businesses and society. Technology is constantly and continuously evolving. Bigger and Better things, are foraying into the markets every day. This is not just a trend but also a need. Keeping in stride with the changing times, Zeta’s IT Division provides a wide range of IT Services and Solutions which are at par with global IT standards.
Every client on our premises, approaches us with a different need. So also our veteran executives and professionals ensure that these demands are met. Solutions customized to the needs of our customer and their satisfaction forms the core of our beliefs.
We classify our offerings broadly into two categories- IT Hardware Services and IT Software Services

Areas of services

IT Software

Zetas IT Software services caters to a wide range of software requirements. We provide for:

  • Operating Systems (like Windows)
  • Business Software (Tally, Busy, AutoCad etc.)
  • Management Software (for schools, colleges, libraries, hospitals etc.)
  • ERP
  • Generic and utility software (like Antivirus etc.)
IT Hardware

As part of our hardware supplies, we offer:

  • Computers: Desktop PCs (both branded as well as assembled) and Laptop PCs
  • Printers: Inkjets and Laser printers
  • Peripheral Devices: Scanners, Projectors, Servers and Networking Components
  • Computer components and peripherals of all types.
  • Security and Surveillance Systems (like CCTV Cams etc.)
  • Our Hardware Services are:

  • Setting up Computer Labs
  • Setting up e-classrooms
  • Consultancy services
  • Security Solutions